2018 Survey results

A survey carried out in 2018, interviewed nearly 3100 hearing aid users, to determine the best place to purchase hearing aids.  

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The hearing aid users were asked questions about their experience with different retailers: who offers the best value for money, greatest choice of product and hearing tests etc
Local independent retailers were on the top of the list with an overall customer score of 87%.
“Boots Hearing care are part owned by Sonova that make Phonak aids.  Only 8% of their lower priced options fell into their Essentials range.  92% of the aids they sold were part of their “premium range” and  86% of this were, unsurprisingly, Phonak.” 
Specsavers like to dispense their own brand range, the “Advance” but also do Widex, Phonak, GN Resound and Signia hearing aids.  45% of hidden hearing customers reported to have felt pressured into buying.
Scrivens Hearing dispense Bernafon and Starkey hearing aids, and according to the survey, the rating was poor for physical appearance of hearing aids, comfort of hearing aids, and even hearing aid suitability for the client.

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