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Foreign object in the ear canal

I have come across lots of different objects in ears including toys, sweets, beads, stones, food particles, ear studs, folded paper, cotton buds, hearing aid batteries and wax filters, insects and seeds. Another common object in the ears I have come across is a pencil lead in the ear canal, when one has been trying to poke their ears in attempt to remove wax!
Most of us will know when there is a foreign object in the ear, however sometimes an object might get into our ear, without us even realising.  If there is an insect in the ear, you might hear a buzzing sound. Hearing aid batteries are dangerous in the ear canal and need removal as soon as possible.

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Signs you might have a foreign body in the ear canal

If you have a foreign body in the ear canal, you may experience one or more of the following:
1. Blocked feeling as though something is present in your ear
2. Pain or bleeding- This may occur due to ear canal abrasion from the object, or rupture of the tympanic membrane, especially if one has attempted to remove the object.  Severe pain might be present if an insect has stung the ear canal.
3. Discharge – if the object has been in the car canal for a long time, the chances of an ear infection are high.
4. Hearing loss – due to obstruction of the ear drum or damage to the ear drum
5. Vertigo and nausea may be present in some cases 

Have you noticed a foreign object in your ear?

If you have noticed a foreign object in your ear, or in your child’s ear…
Do not try and push the object out of your ear as that might abrade the ear canal or damage your ear drum and cause pain, hearing loss and bleeding.
Contact us at Golden Ears Audiology Clinic and we will safely remove the object out of your ear.

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