At Golden Ears Audiology Clinic, we offer hearing therapy sessions.


Did you know?

When speaking to someone with hearing loss / hearing aids, the following tips will be helpful:

– If possible, find a place to talk that has good lighting, away from noise and distractions
– Try not to turn or look away while you are talking, and don’t cover your mouth with your hands
– Make sure what you’re saying is being understood.
– Turn your face towards them so they can easily see your lip movements.

We offer a HEARING THERAPY session for £49.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hearing Therapy?

Hearing Therapy is rehabilitation and support for individuals with hearing loss.

What hearing support is available?

Advice on communication tactics for patients, families and significant others. Assertiveness sessions to enhance patient confidence in explaining communication needs and hearing problems to others.
Information regarding Access to work and disability allowance 
Advice regarding assistive listening devices for television, telephone, doorbells, alarms and alerting devices. 
Advice regarding hearing aid management for those with poor dexterity, dual sensory loss and memory problems
Basic introduction to lip reading.
Auditory training for hearing loss to develop listening ability

What is Auditory training?

Auditory training involves teaching the brain to listen. During the training one is provided with auditory stimuli and coaching that helps them learn to identify and distinguish sounds.

What benefits am I eligible for?